How to accept online payments through CheckEat
When placing an order in CheckEat, the guest can choose a convenient payment method: online, through a terminal or in cash. The waiter, on the other hand, accepts payment in just one click.

If a guest makes an order for the first time with online payment, then, after placing an order and choosing a payment method, he needs to attach his card in the CheckEat application.

After adding the card, you need to confirm the order. The next time you create and confirm the order, the card data will be saved.

After confirming the order in the terminal by the waiter, the guest can request payment online through the CheckEat application by opening his order in the Your orders tab and clicking Pay. When you click, the button will change to "Processing payment", and the Poster terminal will receive a notification that the guest has requested payment online.
After the guest has requested payment online, the waiter needs to:

1. Open the order receipt and click Pay to withdraw payment from the guest's card.

2. Wait a few seconds while the payment is being processed.
If the payment was successful, a window will appear with a message that the order has been paid.
3. Next, the waiter closes the order through CheckEat.

4. If the bank declined the payment, the waiter will see a corresponding message.
If the online payment fails, the waiter can choose another method of payment (in cash or through the terminal).

After payment, in the guest's application, the status of the order changes to Closed.
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