How to make an order as a guest
1. Scan the QR code placed on the table:

If a guest uses CheckEat for the first time, he needs:

- to point the camera of his smartphone at the QR code, go to the App Store or Play Market, download the CheckEat application, open it and click the Scan QR code button.

If the guest already has the CheckEat app instaled, scanning the QR code will immediately open the menu of your establishment.
Select from the menu.

After scanning the QR code in the application, the guest will open the menu of your establishment.

At the top there will be categories, by clicking on which, the visitor will see the corresponding dishes or products.

By clicking on the dish or product, you can:
- see a photo or animation (video);
- read the description;
- select options (modifiers and modifications);
- indicate the quantity.
To add the selected item to the cart, you need to click the Add to order button.

3. Send the order.

After selecting all the desired ones. cards or goods, the guest can confirm the order by clicking Selected - Confirm the order.
Next, the guest needs to choose a payment method: online, terminal or in cash (when closing an order, if necessary, the waiter can change the payment method).
4. View order details.

After sending in the tab Your orders, the guest can see all the details of the order:
- status (Sent - In preparation - Closed);
- payment method;
- date and time of the order;
- price.
5. Supplement your order (if necessary).

After the guest has already made an order, you can order more dishes or goods. For this you need:
- open the tab Your orders and click on the order;
- click on the Add button.
An additional order will be received at the terminal, accepted and paid for as a separate, new order.
Take orders quickly and easily, process them immediately and get more satisfied guests!